Warm weather is coming back to the United Kingdom

05 october 2021

Londoners could be embracing the return of warmer weather with potential highs of 21C after a wet weekend. Forecasters said it would be a “week of two halves”; autumnal weather would continue over the next few days before the mercury begins to climb again from Wednesday. After a washout weekend, Monday will see widespread heavy showers throughout the day with some hail and a low-risk of thunder. And it will get worse before it gets better. Strong gales will batter the south-west England on Tuesday which could cause some localised flooding. Temperatures on Monday will reach around 16-17C before it drops to highs of 14C on Tuesday which is three degrees lower than the average for October.

The Met Office said the south east will be cloudy but dry on Wednesday. But sun-seekers will be delighted with plenty of sunshine on Thursday and Friday where the mercury could hit a high of 21C. Tom Morgan, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: “It’s almost a week of two halves, the week begins much like the weekend was. “It is quite unsettled and changeable, there will be some heavy showers around on Monday, but it won’t be feeling quite as cool as it did in many places this weekend.”

Mr Morgan said: “We will see some stubborn areas of low clouds and mist and fog, lasting through the mornings but most places will see dry weather with some sunshine at times, and temperatures will start to rise.” Temperatures are expected to be above average for October from Friday. // www.standard.co.uk

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