Heavy flooding hits Italian Liguria

05 october 2021

Heavy rains hit some valleys in the interior of Liguria, especially in the Savona area. So far, no casualties have been reported. Powerful floods began with the arrival of the first strong seasonal storm in Liguria, it was called Christians. Over the past few hours, a thunderstorm has broken out on the coast above Savona between Pietra Ligure and Loano. Meteorologists say it has "self-sustaining" properties: it constantly draws in warm and very humid air from the sea. This is leading to continued heavy rains, according to daswetter.com.

As is the case with the strongest thunderstorms in Liguria, a "self-sustaining" thunderstorm quickly formed along the line of confluence of the winds, in the lower layers, in the midst of warm, moist sirocco winds. They rose from the Tyrrhenian Sea and were heavily wetted on the coasts of Genoa and Eastern Savona. Here the hot sirocco wind was blocked by the colder stream of Tramontana. These are air masses from the Po Valley, which flow from the Asti and Cuneo regions, from the Apennines over Savona. This caused the humid marine subtropical continental air to suddenly rise. At the height, it cooled sharply, a huge thunderstorm complex formed in the coastal part above Savona and Genoa. This caused many hours of rain. So strong that it caused a flood.

A bridge collapsed in the town of Quiliano, the Corriere della Sera newspaper reported online. As a precaution, the Covid-19 vaccination center in Camporosso has been closed. It is reported by the news agency LaPresse, quoted by RND. In the area of the port city of Genoa, the most populous area of Liguria, several schools, parks and cemeteries, markets and sports facilities are also closed. In Savona, the Civil Protection Department is monitoring developments as more rains are expected in the coming hours. Storm Christians will keep the region in suspense because, according to meteorologists, it hovers over Savona and hardly budges.

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