In 14 years the United Kingdom will phase out fossil fuels

06 october 2021

By the end of this week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will officially announce at the annual conference of the Conservative Party in Manchester that from 2035 the country will receive all electricity from renewable sources, the Times reports. This news did not please all environmentalists, since the government is not going to close nuclear power plants. "Wanting to reduce the country`s dependence on natural gas and other fossil fuels, Boris Johnson will announce this week that all of Britain`s electricity from 2035 will come from renewable sources," a source told. "During his speech, the Prime Minister will present his party`s plans for a significant increase in investments in renewable and nuclear energy, while Britain is experiencing a crisis caused by a jump in gas prices."

According to the Prime Minister, the transition to clean energy will allow avoiding dependence on fluctuations in the prices of this fuel in the future. However, in order to meet the basic needs of British residents in electricity, it will be necessary to increase at least four times the generation of offshore wind energy, as well as increase the capacity of nuclear power plants, writes Electrek. Johnson told the BBC yesterday, speaking on the Andrew Marr Show: "By 2035 we can do for all our energy the same thing that we are doing with cars with internal combustion engines by 2030." Britain has pledged to stop selling new cars with internal combustion engines from 2030.

To some environmentalists, this decision does not seem radical enough. Doug Parr, the chief scientist of Greenpeace UK, hailing the British government for finally agreeing to exclude natural gas from the country`s electrical system, said he was disappointed with the continued commitment to nuclear energy. A new generation nuclear reactor is being built in the United States with Gates and Buffett`s money. The peak capacity of the future reactor will be 500 MW. It will be able to provide energy to approximately 400,000 homes.

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