The name of the site - Weather and Climate - shows main idea: to create a project which will contain the most useful and interesting information about Europe and World weather and climate. Today Weather and Climate is the most complete and operational monitoring of weather and climate. You can find here the weather forecasts for many cities in Europe, in the USA and in the World, climatic monitoring and climatic data for cities of the World, current weather data from thousands of weather stations that regularly transmitting information about actual weather, weather records, information on dangerous and extreme weather events, etc.

In the section "Weather News" you can find messages about natural disasters and various weather phenomena, which are mentioned by news agencies, as well as news about global climate change and daily and monthly records are published in this section.

Section "Weather Forecast" provides information about the weather for 3, 7, 14 days ahead in various cities of in Europe, in the USA and in the World. The forecast is compiled automatically based on data from several global atmospheric models (GFS, ECMWF, ICON, UKMO, GEM, ACCESS). In addition, using a unique method, the effective temperature is calculated (effective temperature is a temperature felt by a person, taking into account corrections for wind, humidity, atmospheric pressure and solar heating) and verbal characteristics of the comfort of the weather were given.

In the "Climate Monitor" section, you can monitor daily changes in air temperature and rainfall in different cities of Europe, Russia, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Oceania, Antarctica and compare the current values with the climate norm, as well as extreme values recorded in different years.

The section "World Climate" contains climatic data for cities of Europe, Russia, Asia, North and South America, Australia and Oceania, Antarctica, including air temperature and precipitation norms, extreme values of meteorological elements, statistical data on wind, air humidity, snow cover, cloudiness, precipitation and other atmospheric phenomena.

The "Weather Archives" section contains actual weather data received as coded SYNOPs from international exchange and METARs from the United States. A lot of data for the last few years is available. The site also accumulates an archive of actual weather maps and other interesting information.

The section "World Weather" is of great interest. It selects points of extreme weather in Europe and other countries of the World (places with the highest or lowest air temperatures, etc.) for the last observation period and for a day. The section also provides information about daily and monthly records of air temperature and precipitation, broken in the current year. Maps of monthly temperature anomalies allow you to clearly see cold and warm regions of the past month.

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