Record cold winter recorded in Antarctica

06 october 2021

The coldest winter in the entire history of observations was recorded at the South Pole. The average temperature for June - August turned out to be -62.8°, this is a record low since 1957, when observations began there. The average in September at the South Pole was -61.1°C. The new record updated the value of 1976. According to Matthew Lazare, a researcher from the University of Wisconsin, this winter the temperature at the station dropped to -74.3°C. It is also cold in other continental regions of Antarctica. On October 1, the temperature at the Vostok station dropped to -79.3°C, thus breaking the record for the lowest temperature in October. Antarctic station "Vostok" holds the world record for all time: -89.2 °C. The cooling trend dominates in East Antarctica and West Antarctica, while the warming trend is observed on the Antarctic Peninsula.

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